Vast amount of data are saved and stored every day in the world we live in. Most companies are continuously looking to make sense of these tera bytes of data in order to gain an edge over the competition, give their employees more information to succeed in their daily activities by putting the data on their finger tips. Data Science can be applied to many different industries like banks, telecommunication, online sales etc.  On this course you will learn most popular techniques to understand and explain data. With the right instructor training programming does not need to be difficult, programming is structured and logic. This training is 100% in practice “Hands On”. We learn by doing.

SQL and Python are general-purpose programming language gaining a lot of ground rapidly in the last few years. Python is a popular language for data science and machine learning. Companies process data from different sources to gain more insights to their data. In this course you will learn data processing from different sources and ways to store and manipulate data, and helpful data science.

Audience profile

Programming beginners and students with basic programming experience who wish to continue learning Python & SQL programming language and apply these two programming language to Data Science. To become data scientists students will need to also study statistics, basic knowledge is required to start a career in data science. Open a statistics book online and revise the linear and non linear regression, it should not be difficult for you to gain basic knowledge. This course is a beginner level data science course and from here on you can continue to advance in data science and machine learning.


This course teaches the fundamentals of Data Science. The course will expose you to different type of problems which can be solved through Data Science. Using the data science fundamental techniques of extract, transform, load & visualize, including basic statistics concepts to understand data. Finally, some well known algorithms will be used to model specific problems. Through out the course you will be using SQL and Python programming language with focus on Python.

*** This course includes a project coded by the students and the instructor.

  • General introduction
    • Installation and configuration of the working environment
    • Course introduction and data concepts
  • SQL knowledge
    • Introduction/revising SQL knowledge and Jupyter notebooks
  • Python knowledge
    • Manipulating data with Python Panda package
    • Visualizing data using Python Matplotlib, Plotly, Seaborn
  • Statistics knowledge
    • Understanding data using basic statistics in Python with Numpy and Pandas
  • Revision & exercises of knowledge gained thus far on SQL, Python & Statistics
  • Real world study case / project
    • Applying linear and non linear regression with Python to real problems
    • More study cases to apply knowledge and techniques gained in this course
  • Introduction to Machine Learning


Basic Python programming knowledge. Basic SQL knowledge is preferred. The desire to learn data science, manipulate data, and enjoy working with data.