Our Instructors

Eng. Gentjan M.

Computer Engineering, San Jose State University, California, USA (CoFounder)

Expertise: Computer Networking & Architecture

Beginning in IT, Genti became part of one of the biggest companies in California for diagnostics, repair and networking, from which he achieved an education without parallel. After having received his advanced certificate and training in IT, specifically Networking and international standards. For several years Genti has worked leading large subjects. In Genti, we find an energetic person and a leader both in professional circles and in social circles.

Eng. Rezart A.

Computer Engineering, University Of Dayton, Ohio, USA (CoFounder)

Expertise: Expertize: Web development, MS SQL Server

He began in Ohio, learning C++ embedded programming. After this, he began working with Web development (asp.net) and database development on Microsoft platforms. He worked on large-scale projects in Boston as well as a contractor for foreign projects in Tirana. Rezart obtained his MSc in economics in 2013 and now works as a team leader for programming and database.  

Eng. Taulant N.

Network Administrator @Albanian Academic Network

Expertise: Network Administrator, Linux Administrator

Taulant began training at TCT from its opening day. Taulant Ngjelo is one of the cornerstones of this Center, and is one of the most knowledgeable of the students. Taulant has trained at TCT more than any other instructor and deserves the greatest praise for this. He is an erreplaceable asset at TCT and is a wonderful friend to all of the TCT staff.

Ervis Sh.

Brains Of TCT, Software Developer @CData Software

Expertise: C++ and JAVA programming

Ervis is one of our best at TCT in the programming field. He has studied in Belgium where he learned the beginnings of becoming a programmer. Ervis’ nickname that we’ve given him at TCT is WIKIPEDIA. We are proud to have Ervis in our family.

Ada K.

Software Developer @Abkons Sh.P.K

Expertise: JAVA EE, Oracle database

Ada is a novelty at TCT. She stands out for her programming capabilities (She is an Ace!!), for linking concepts in an explanation to its practical and for being a great problem solver when it comes to mathematical problems because of her roots in a math-loving family. To sum up Ada, I would say: “She thinks in paragraphs, and not in sentences.”

Sajli B.

Expertise: JAVA & database

Sajli is an all in one package! Database, JAVA development, easy going, articulate and great personality. At the end of either database or JAVA course all students are friends with Sajli. Sajli is a ‘yes, can do it’ type of guy. Never heard Sajli say ‘no’ yet. What a pleasure to have Sajli @ TCT :). 

Indrit K.

“Brilliant Young Man” Of TCT, Software Developer @Pragmatic Software

Expertise: C++, C#, JAVA, SQL

Participants of several nationwide competitions as well as world wide Google Projects.

Indrit is a brilliant young man as a programmer as well as the new training ideas he brings at TCT. I recommend you don’t waste more of your time rubbing the Aladin’s lamp hoping one day you will become a programmer; but instead take a few courses with Indrit and your dream will become reality with a blink of your eyes. I assure you will not find an expert as brillian and as devoted trainer as Indrit.

Eng. Joni S.

Network Expert @Infosoft Systems Sh.P.K.

Expertise: Cisco Switches, Routers, Firewall, Network Architecture

Joni is one of the stars of Albania in the field of computer networking. He owns CCNA and CCNP certificates and is attending CCIE as well as working as a team leader in one of the largest IT companies in Tirana. Joni is great to have working with us for computer networks and has been a friend of the people at TCT. 

Eduart L.

Senior Programming Expert

Expertise: ASP.NET MVC C#, SQL

Edi is hands down one of the best ASP.NET MVC programmers in Albania, even bettig companies where 0.0001 % error is too much, trust Edi and his solid skills and judgement on programing. Students trainned by Edi choose their own working place.

Kesjana Ll.

Web Master @Cloud Deployment Service Sh.P.K.

Expertise: Web Design, Google Tools, SEO

Kesi is one of the few experts in Albania who has over five Google AdSense and Google Networking certifications. Kesi trains TCT students on one of the things she does best: “Google AdSense & Analytics.” She organizes Google advertisements for various companies in Albania and prepares students to be ready for the job market.

Eng. Besmir Z.

CoFounder @TMC Training Management Consulting

Expertise: Linux & Windows Server Administration, Power Shell, ISO Standards, Networking

Besmiri has had experience that would make everyone in IT fields in Albania jealous. He has worked in the largest companies in both Albania and Canada. His experience in the field of IT has promoted Besmir into leadership roles, various contracts in security and automatoin/integration systems. Besmir has received several certificates: ISO/IEC 27001:2005 ISMS LEAD AUDITOR Information Security Manager according to ISO 27001 CIS – Information Security Manager Excel Partnership.

Eng. Gerti K.

System Administrator @Sinteza Sh.P.K.

Expertise: Windows Server Administration, Email Server, Computer Networking

Gerti, an expert in the field of Windows Server Administration and System Integration, works in one of the larest companies in Albania in the field of IT and consultancy. Gerti acquires and renews approximately 50 certicicates each year that he has received from Microsoft, Dell and other companies. Gerti is the contact point for many American companies in Albania.

Eng. Stela D.

Software Engineer @ORS Group GmbH

Expertise: ASP.NET MVC C#, Javascript, JQUERY, MS SQL Database, Angular JS

Stela is talented in most the most modern programming languages that are widely used in the world. Stela has over five years of work experience in the programming and database field through the programming that she has done and through building multi-layer and other difficult programs.

Eng. Gejsi Sh.

Server Administrator @Infosoft Systems Sh.P.K.

Expertise: Windows Server Administration

Gejsi has a lot of experience in Windows Server Administration, something that few experts can boast of. She has installed, configured and maintained a large number of Windows Servers all over Albania. Gejsi is welcome to give TCT training whenever she is free.

Eng. Antonin L.

PC & Network Specialist, Tirana Airport

Expertise: Computer Diagnostics & Repair, Team Lead, Network Specialist

Antonin also began training from TCT’s opening day. Antonin Laca has trained endless hours, many young students, and also many people with very little experience in IT. His patience and gift in the conveyance of knowledge sets Antonin apart from many of the other people at the Center. Antonin is a great friend to TCT, and at any moment that he would return back to Albania, TCT would welcome him back to the team without delay. Hard Worker, Reliable & Team Player.

Eng. Iva K.

Software Engineer @ProJambo

Expertise: JAVA, ASP.NET MVC C#, Javascript, Database

Iva is a tireless instructor at TCT. She gives her most to every training session. Iva has had 3-5 years of work experience as a programmer in a private company and has lectured in higher education institutions such as Epoka University. Iva is a wonderful addition to the TCT team.

Arber B.

Expert Of Front End Developer And Web Design

Expertise: HTML, CSS, Web Design , Javascript, JQUERY, Angular JS, React JS

Arbër is a top Front End Developer Expert leading many enterprise level projects. Being a developer and owning a development company gives Arbër business, logical and development traits that few experts have. Any words we can use to describe Arbër would not do justice to describe his talent.

Sabri N.

Software Engineering @CData Software

Expertise: Web Development & JAVA

Sabri is one of the best programmers in the Albanian market. He has experience in Web development, database and JAVA programming, and now works as a senior programmer at JAVA Driver Development. In this job, he is often contracted by international companies who want individual contracts due to his knowledge and programming quality. Sabri has a bright future ahead of him!

Ronada B.

Front End Developer And Web Design

Expertise: HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQUERY, Angular JS, React JS , React Native

Very much desired by many companies, Ronada works hard, she is calm and always happy. She is a senior Frond End Developer Expert. Students speak highly of her and she trains with high professionalism.

Kristina F.

Design Expert

Expertise: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

All students taking Krisitna’s graphic design course will develop a creative eye thanks to her hard work and experience at TCT. She communicates well and has clear objectives for her students. Kristina is TCT’s design expert.

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