This CompTIA A+ training course from will teach you everything you need to know to prepare for an IT career and successfully complete the CompTIA A+ exam.

You’ll start by learning about PC hardware, including how to configure BIOS, motherboard basics, and various expansion slot types. You will then learn about memory and storage, connectors, cables, and pins. You will learn about laptops, including laptop expansions and displays. This course will teach you the basics of printers, how to manage and install a printer. Finally, you will learn the soft side of computing, the magic of communication, and how to deal with difficult customers.

Once you have completed this computer-based training course, you will have developed the knowledge and skills necessary to pass the A + exam.

Audience profile

Anyone looking to take and pass the CompTIA A+

Anyone who wants to improve their skills as a computer or IT technician

Anyone who wants to learn awesome stuff about PCs, pritners, networking, IT security and more


Personal computer history
Motherboard structure
Physical and visual diagnosis of Motherboard
HDD diagnostics
HDD Master-Slave
Windows XP installation
Driver Installation
Create a user with different permissions
Software installation
Control Panel option
Upgrade of the operating system from Windows XP to Windows 7 (using Microsoft Tools)
The difference between different Windows operating systems
Difference of Windows 7 32bit and Windows7 64 bit
Creation, deletion of partition
Addition of HDD
Installing the driver in Windows 7
User creation and granting or revocation of rights.
Add or remove Hardware
Creating shared folders and accessing them.
Windows 7 control panel
Upgrade from Windows 7 home edition to Windows 7 professional, Windows 7 ultimate etc…
USB formatting and USB preparation.
Solving problems with different tools
Composition, disassembly, identification, testing, assembly of Laptop Computer
Backup PC\System Security\Programs\Network\hardware etc…
Extracting data from a HDD with a damaged operating system.
Network printer installation with IP and local.
Local printer share.
Network connection of computers through the HUB switch.
Internet Cable and Crossover Cable
HDD cloning


There are no prerequisites!