This is a second level front end development course. In this course you will learn React JS from the beginning. The course covers basic and advanced React knowledge. The course is considered intermediate to difficult programming level and students should know JavaScript well as well as ES6 version. React JS makes an application much more friendly, improves user experience, and separates the front end from the back end layer.

Instructors simplify learning by guiding students through practical examples demonstrating on the job best practice and simplest solutions. The course is 100% “Hands On”! Practice makes perfect with proper guidance!

Audience profile

Students and young professionals with basic front end programming languages which aim to become more marketable and move to building applications with JavaScript frameworks. JavaScript frameworks are a great option to advance your career. So many developers have turned to frameworks and JavaScript is a popular language to boost your career.


  • Basics and foundation
    • Components & building UIs
    • Events & data (props and state)
    • Styling React apps & components
    • Introduction into React Hooks
  • Advanced concepts
    • Side effects, Refs & more Hooks
    • React Redux
    • Forms, Http requests & custom Hooks
    • Routing & deployment
  • Summaries & Refreshers
    • JavaScript refresher
  • Theory with small demos and examples
  • Realistic, more complex example projects


Basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript, the ES6 version!